Budget beauty mini haul


Last week I had a little time to kill whilst in town. At these times I usually browse makeup counters or shoes and buy something over priced just because I’m bored, then yep, you guessed it, cry later when I see what little cash I have. But this day was different, this day I picked up three things so cheap I had to check the till receipts after I’d used them to make sure they were the price I thought they were.

First up is a product I’ve used loads in the last week and it was the cheapest by miles. Whilst in superdrug Looking at cleansers I spotted an own brand range on the bottom shelf that id never seen before. Normally I’m cautious of new cleansers as my skin is rather dry so I normally go for ones I know, but when I looked at the price I had to look not once, but three times to make sure it was correct!! I’m talking about the superdrug simply pure spot clearing face wash And it was …… Wait for it……


Yes folks there was no pound sign there, it really was 30p! Hmm for so little is it going to damage my skin? Well according to the packaging it’s fragrance free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, dematalogically approved and has visible results from day 1. In the basket it went! I had a mini breakout so thought I’d give it a go and test it’s spot busting properties lol.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product, it didn’t have a smell to it but it was exfoliating and cleansed REALLY well, even removed mascara (although im not encouraging cleansing round the eyes with exfoliating cleansers *cough*) the only problem I had with this was it was quite runny, which for 30p I’m not complaining. My skin didn’t feel too dry after and I did help to calm my breakout.

I wouldn’t use this everyday, maybe twice a week as it may get drying but for 30p, what a bargain of a lifetime :)

Next up (if you can follow that) was something else I got from superdrug And it was the MUA lipstick in shade 1. I think I’ve blogged about this before so il keep it short. It’s basically a berry red colour and for £1 it’s a brill lipstick. The colour lasts for a couple of hours so isn’t too bad for a cheaper lipstick and you get lots of product for your buck. Warning- This lipstick tends to bleed a lot, please wear lip liner :).

Last but def not least I went to primark Well I got quite a few bargains from here but my fave was the love vanilla and wild rose body scrub. Ok, ok so I picked this up for the cute little pearls on the packaging, it looked so pretty and after a quick sniff I was sold.

So basically, this is a sugar scrub, it was £2 and it has a pleasant smell. I wouldn’t say it was vanilla or a classic rose scent but defiantly floral. The product is very a scrubby but very sticky, this may put a lot of you off but I usually exfoliate then wash with shower gel so it didn’t bother me. For the price it was nice and you get a generous 220ml so I more than likely will buy it again. They do a different scent so will maybe but that next time, I also know my girls will be fighting over the pretty pot when it’s done.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m sorry if I rambled about the cleanser but it was 30p haha. Have you got any bargain products you want to share? Please let me know as I’d love to give them a try


Avon clear skin pore penetrating mask reveiw


Delving into the bag I’d just collected from my Avon representative I found this mask. I was rather surprised as I didn’t recall ordering it but when I checked I did. I’d had a tiring week and I did have a few black heads so I thought id give it a try that evening.

They say its a colour changing black mask with active ingredient salicylic acid, apply to the skin for 10-15 mins and when the colour has changed from black to white you can rinse. Simple enough so I put the mask on while I browsed vinted for shoes. It applied well and smelt nice, maybe a bit fruity :s


After 15 mins I looked in the mirror and the mask had almost dried, a few black patches remained so I fanned my face with a copy of Cosmo until most of the mask was grey. I rinsed my face with warm water and was amazed to find when I wet the mask it went black again (I don’t know what I expected to happen, must get out more) and I patted my face dry.

My skin felt clean but tight and dry. I don’t know if it was the mask or if it was that my face was quite dry that day. I did think my complexion was smoother and my pores weren’t as noticeable as before I used the mask.

Overall the mask was easy to apply and remove and added the novelty factor of it changing colour but it didn’t preform miracles. It would ideal for those with ok skin to start with, if you have problem skin this mask won’t make much of a difference. I don’t know if I would buy it again but there is quite a few applications left so time will tell if it does anything, but im not hopeful but for the price it was ok. Definatly worth a try for a few pounds.

My dream bathroom :)

This post has been written for a competition for Victoria plumb in association with mumsnet.com.

Browsing my twitter feed I came across a competition, to write a blog post about my dream bathroom. This is something I’ve dreamt about often as I lay in a lush bath bomb bath surrounded by tiles and a bathroom suit put in in the 1980s. A new bathroom just hasn’t been in the top things to do when we moved into our bungalow but it’s probibily one if the most important rooms in the house.

You use the bathroom to wash, toilet, put makeup on and brush your hair but, most importantly it a place to relax and unwind, a place to forget you troubles and be at peace. My dream bathroom would be spacious, well designed and have lots of storage for all my potions and lotions. It would have  large mirrors and lots of lighting. A deep free standing bath, walk in shower (one if those with the large vintage shower heads) a square sink and of course a toilet are a must. 

I’m a vintage girl at heart and my ideal bathroom would have a lavender suit, the type I think they had in the 1970s but with a huge bath and sink. A chequerd floor like on the flash adverts as a child is also a must but with lavender and white instead of black and white and I’ve often dreamed of white walls and subway tiles. I would also have freestanding cabinates with built in lights so I can display the hundreds of shampoos, face masks, and cleansers I have. The deep essential oil fragrance would fill the room and a vintage heated towel rail would be overflowing with fluffy towels.

With fairy lights round the mirror and candles around the bath, this room would be my haven, my escape from the busy world outside, peace from the squabbles of my children and more than likely the most fancy room in the whole house! Oh to have that dream bathroom, the room we often forget, a second to the kitchen or living space but the room we use to start and end our day. 

Things I have more than one of – Rimmel moisture renew lipsticks

This is the last ‘things I have more than one of’ for a while. Even though I have more products which I have more than one of in the range there are some other things I want to write about. If you would like to see these types of posts again then leave a comment below :)


So today I’m writing about the rimmel colour renew lipsticks. I have three of these, two much loved and one not so loved. The formula of these lipsticks are creamy and beautiful to apply, they truly are one of my favourite lines from rimmel.

210 fancy – This was the first shade I bought and it was totally by accident! It’s a shimmery pink shade and looks fab with a tan, I ment to pick up the nude im going to write about in a second but when I got home I realised I’d picked up this instead, I’m glad I did. This is not to everyone’s taste (and not usually mine) but it’s a real pick me up when you want a little more than a nude and if you have a tanned face. It’s a little grittier than the other two but still a great lipstick to apply in a hurry.

330 sloanes plum – this lipstick is a rich browny plum shade. Ideal if you like darker brown shade lips, it’s nice and smooth to apply. Unfortunately this shade isn’t for me, I think I knew it when I bought it :(. It’s too brown toned and dark for me and makes teeth look quite yellow. It’s a shame as it’s nice to apply.

720 Notting hill nude – my absolute fave nude lipstick of the moment! This has been talked about as a dupe for mac shy girl, I don’t have this so I can’t compare but if the mac version is like this get the rimmel as it’s a fraction of the price. It’s a beautiful creamy nude that applies like a dream, you can use it alone, with gloss or with a soft pink to make a pinky nude. This lipstick comes with me everywhere incase i have a lip emergency and need to apply a new lip product quickly.

Overall these are great. They are priced from £1.99 to £4 from what I’ve seen so are a real great budget buy. You can even pick these three up in the old packaging elsewhere for less, although some new colours won’t be available. Give these a try and if there’s any colours you totally love please comment below so I can try. I would also love to try the In Love with ginger too so if you have this please let me know what you think :)


Things I have more than one of – MUA palettes


Today’s instalment of ‘things I have more than one of’ is about two things that get much love in my makeup stash. These two palettes are used by me most days and are EXTREMELY good value for money! They are the fabulous MUA palettes. If you didn’t already know they are available from superdrug at an amazing £4 each, that’s not a typo they really are £4.

The first palette im going to write about is the undressed palette. Famous when it was released for being the best and cheapest dupe for the naked palette this product is a must have for anyone. The palette contains 12 eyeshadows with a mix of shimmer and matte neutrals. As you can tell mine is well used and is perfect for creating a natural look or a dramatic smokey eye. They are very pigmented and last ages. These individual shadows don’t have names like the urban decay ones just shade numbers but my faves are shade 2 and shade 6.

The other palette I am going to talk about in this post is the MUA Heaven and earth palette. I think this was one of the first MUA palettes and was the first I ever bought. Again this is a neutral palette as this is what MUA do best and again has 12 shades. These are all browny shades ranging from a very light cream colour to a dark smokey bronze. These don’t have names or shade numbers but from left to right My favorite shades are shades 1, 4, 9 and 10. With shade 4 being the most used. I probably use this palette more than the other just for the lighter shades but I don’t use the darker ones in this as much as the other. There are more shimmers in this palette and again it’s only £4.

Both these palettes are fantastic and some of then other palettes from MUA are fantastic too. I’ve tried some of the brighter colours in store and I’m not a fan but they are very pigmented and good value for those who would get use out if them. At £4 each both of these palettes would be great to have, it’s a product I would defiantly repurchase.

Why not share some of your creations with these palettes on twitter? I’d love to see what you come up with, follow me @girlheartbeauty


Things I have more than one of – Tangle teezers


Carrying on the more than one posts… Today it’s tangle teezers!

First of all I do apologise if I write tweezer instead of teezer as auto correct is trying to correct it, secondly you may think three tangle teezers is a bit excessive but all will become clear. I hope lol.

The first brush in going to talk about is the original tangle teezer, If you have never used a tangle teezer before, go get one, they are amazing! They remove all knots and tangles without pulling, making them ideal for children too. They are very light and easy to carry around. These are also great for a quick brush. Beware they tend to slip out of your hand if you are in a rush and fly across the bathroom (possibly hitting a small child) you have been warned!

Next is the flat pink one. Well the tall pink and white one. This is the tangle teezer for wet hair It’s supposed to take out tangles without pulling delicate wet hair. When I first got this I thought it looked like a part off a dyson! I also thought you put you hand inside the tube, but you don’t you hold it like a normal tangle teezer. In theory this would be great for my damaged thin hair, but, to be honest in reality I can’t see the difference between this and the original tangle teezer Te bristles seem to be the same, the only difference is the shape is easier to hold and doesn’t fly out of your hand like the original (or is that just me?) I don’t know if I would repurchase this as I feel it’s not much different from an original one. Please correct me below if you know the difference.

Last but not least, the travel tangle teezer This is genius, sorry but it is. Before I got this I carried my bulky one around in my bag, taking up space I could use for other stuff. Not only that but it collected bits in it (disgusting I know but come on it happens) this baby is not only more compact but it has a cover over the brush part that clips on and off. Ta dah! No more bits! It’s just as good as the normal tangle teezer at getting out knots, for long hair it may take longer to brush but it’s sooo worth it. I would repurchase this if it ever wears out.

I love my tangle teezers and the only one I probs wouldn’t buy looking back is the one for wet hair. I know there are copies of tangle teezers in the market, I’ve never tried one but if you have let me know how you found it. Tangle teezers retail from £9 to £20 so are a lot of bucks for what you get, but, I’ve never found a brush that doesn’t make me (softie) and my 7 year old not scream when we brush our monster morning hair before I purchased this.


Things I have more than one of – Kate moss lipsticks by rimmel


Sometimes we buy a product and it’s so awful we never buy anything from that brand again in fear of it being as poor. Sometimes we buy a product and it’s so good we have to buy more than one, sometimes the whole range! Well over the next few posts I’m talking about those gems, the ones we just have to have more than one of. Most of mine are make-up related but there are some beauty and clothing pieces too.

The first items I’m going to write about are the Kate moss lipsticks by rimmel The two shades I have are 101 and 107 and I have to say, 107 is one of my all time favorite lipsticks of all time. Haha

107 – this is a blue toned, dark red colour. It’s Matt so does the dark lip with class and once it’s there it doesn’t budge. I bought this when it was recommended by a friend and I’m glad I did. It makes your teeth look nice and white and even though it’s dark it’s so easy to apply. This lipstick has a destinctive smell Which I think is gorgeous! The overall longevity of this lip product is good, I don’t generally have to reapply for at least 4 hours unless I have a big meal or lots to drink.

101 – this is a newer lipstick for me. It’s a mid pink which is also in Matt. It smells the same as the 107, gorgeous, but is a little more difficult to apply, the formula seems slightly different but it’s still a fab lipstick. This product lasts between 3 and 4 hours unless heavy eating and drink occur and doesn’t bleed or stray. It’s not a nude pink at all its a bit bolder but is ideal for spring/summer.

The packaging on both these products is good and they are easy to spot in a crowded makeup bag. You can apply both these straight from the bullet and are defiantly good value for money. They are Matt but not too drying, the only thing I’d mention is if you are wearing 107 for a long time (all day and all night) you may want to line the lips first.

Join me next time for another ‘more than one’ post and in the mean time let me know what you have more than one of it any while ranges you are loving.


Top tips for clear mascara

Just a quick post today but I hope you find it useful :)

So I was shopping today and I picked up some clear mascara from collection. My friend asked me

why Do you buy clear and what could you possibly use it for? I mean, Even though it’s only about a pound it’s a waste of a pound.

No, she’s wrong! I use clear mascara for so many things and here’s just a few …

• Clear mascara gives lashes definition and separation without them liking overly dark. Therefore I use it in days where in going nowhere in particular but there’s always a chance I may need to dash to the shop.

• Clear mascara can be used to tame the eyebrows and instead of a gel to set. Apply pencil as normal then gently comb with the mascara, and there you have tame eyebrows set in place.

• If your regular mascara tends to smudge, you can apply a top coat of clear mascara to seal it

• Use clear mascara after curling the lashes to hold the curl.

• If you only apply a darker mascara on the upper lushes, use clear one on the bottom to define without panda eyes.

• Sometimes I get whispy hair that won’t stay in place. Clear mascara it! Nobody will ever know!

So for a pound it has so many uses, defiantly not a waste of money. If you have any top tips on using clear mascara I’d love to hear about them! Just pop a comment below.


Botanics hydrating night cream


Until recently i have been using soap and glory wish upon a jar night cream and i was very impressed, £16 for 45ml seemed reasonable enough and it lasted a while. So, when i ran out two weeks ago i thought id go purchase some more.

When i arrived at my local boots store i had a browse around and i came across the botanics hydrating night cream it promised to brighten and hydrate over night and was suitable for normal/dry skin. It was 50ml and was only £4.99 and i had to stop and think, it was a third of what i pay for soap and glory (and who doesnt need to save cash) and my skin was a little dry and dull. Why not.

At home that night i opened the botanics cream. the packaging was plain and not as pretty as the soap and glory, but not to worry its was the product that counts! The cream itself was a pinky tone and quite thick for a budget cream. It applied really well, only needing a small amount, and it didnt feel greasy. The smell was amazing although may not suit people who dont like floral fragrance before bed but i liked it, i settled down to read a little before i turned out the light.

Laid in bed i noticed a grainy flim on my face, i thought about washing the cream off but i was so tired i decided against it and went to sleep. In the morning my face didnt feel grainy anymore, it felt lovely and soft.

On the first use its hard to tell whether it had any effect on brightening my skin etc but after a week i did notice my skin looking fresher and less dry. If you are expecting big changes or even miracles this cream is not for you, but if you would like a cheap ‘pep me up’ now and again this is worth a purchase. For less than a fiver you cant really go wrong, plus it didnt really do anything differently to the soap and glory cream.


5 things I love which are not beauty related

Over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about things I love which are not beauty related. Obviously my children and my partner rank at number one (well most days, when they are being good, when the sun is shining, when it’s bed time, you get the idea) but there are other little pleasures that just make me smile.

Magnum Marc de champagne This is a new little favorite of mine. Ok so it doesn’t taste strongly of champagne, which is great, but it looks great. For those of you who havnt had or or seen the ads in the tv, magnum is 25 years old and they have launched a new champagne flavoured lolly. It’s shaped like a regular magnum except the chocolate on the outside is silver and the ice cream is (ment to be) champagne flavoured. Sat in the window with your eyes closed eating your silver lolly makes you forget the rain, it makes you believe you are as slim as the magnum girl, on an exotic beach. It’s a winner!

Orange is the new black On the tv. Omg super excited to see this back in Netflix! I loved the first season and already loving season two. Again for those who havnt watched this, it’s based on a true story when piper chapman a past comes back to haunt her. Years later all settled down she gets arrested for drug smuggling in her youth. She’s sentenced to 15 mths in prison with some of the most scary, hilarious and lovely people you could ever meet. It’s funny, sad and gripping and well worth a watch.

Running I took up running last year then back in march I stopped. Mainly because I got ill then never bothered to start again but mainly because I used everything as an excuse. I’ve just started again and realised why I loved it in the first place. Just me and the road makes me feel free from all other stresses and for that hour I feel in in control of everything. I’m working on my distance and time but will ensure I keep posting my progress for you all to (laugh) cheer me on.

Rainforest music This has been really helping me to sleep recently. I’ve scoffed in the past at people who listen to relaxation music but lately in seeing the benefit and feeling the results. You can access a range of rainforest sounds on you tube which last from 1 to 12 hours but I’m usually zonked after 10 mins. Amazzzzzzzing

Last but not least another foodie one smoothies. Oh I’ve been loving the quick and easiness of these lately. Berry ones, banana ones, soy and avacado ones, you name it! Plus they are healthy too as long as you don’t add salt, sugar or too much honey. I juice a lot during the summer months and I have a feeling il be starting again soon, but at the moment smoothies are in the top of my yum list.

So there are my 5 non beauty loves. I will post a recipe for a smoothie I’ve been loving this week below, please tell me of you like it and what your non beauty loves are!

1 cup blueberries
1 tsp chia seeds
1/2 ripe avacado
1 tbs Manuka honey
3 tbs natural yogurt

Enjoy xx