My dream bathroom :)

This post has been written for a competition for Victoria plumb in association with

Browsing my twitter feed I came across a competition, to write a blog post about my dream bathroom. This is something I’ve dreamt about often as I lay in a lush bath bomb bath surrounded by tiles and a bathroom suit put in in the 1980s. A new bathroom just hasn’t been in the top things to do when we moved into our bungalow but it’s probibily one if the most important rooms in the house.

You use the bathroom to wash, toilet, put makeup on and brush your hair but, most importantly it a place to relax and unwind, a place to forget you troubles and be at peace. My dream bathroom would be spacious, well designed and have lots of storage for all my potions and lotions. It would have  large mirrors and lots of lighting. A deep free standing bath, walk in shower (one if those with the large vintage shower heads) a square sink and of course a toilet are a must. 

I’m a vintage girl at heart and my ideal bathroom would have a lavender suit, the type I think they had in the 1970s but with a huge bath and sink. A chequerd floor like on the flash adverts as a child is also a must but with lavender and white instead of black and white and I’ve often dreamed of white walls and subway tiles. I would also have freestanding cabinates with built in lights so I can display the hundreds of shampoos, face masks, and cleansers I have. The deep essential oil fragrance would fill the room and a vintage heated towel rail would be overflowing with fluffy towels.

With fairy lights round the mirror and candles around the bath, this room would be my haven, my escape from the busy world outside, peace from the squabbles of my children and more than likely the most fancy room in the whole house! Oh to have that dream bathroom, the room we often forget, a second to the kitchen or living space but the room we use to start and end our day. 

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